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ITF dobok Student, Adidas -17%
64.95€ 53.99€
text_tax 44.25€

AIBA boxing head guard, Adidas -20%
High-quality genuine leather and also high-tec japanese Amara lining. It has light weight supaflex..
99.95€ 79.96€
text_tax 65.54€

Adichamp Teakwondo dobok, Adidas -20%
Our most popular uniform, this garment pairs the traditional look of the martial arts with the per..
79.95€ 63.96€
text_tax 52.43€

Aiba boxing gloves, Adidas -31%
Official gloves Olympic games in London in 2012. Approved by the AIBA World Boxing Federation for ..
129.95€ 89.95€
text_tax 73.73€

Anti-gravity hooks -15%
Advance your training using these unique hooks. Simply snag to the bar and your anti-gravity traini..
84.95€ 72.20€
text_tax 59.18€

WTF dobok Adistart, Adidas -10%
Karate protector WKF, Adidas -16%
Body protector, Pride -13%
38.95€ 33.95€
text_tax 27.83€

Gaiant T-shirt-ice, Venum New
Worn by the best fighters, The Venum Giant T-shirt is a strong best selling item and certainly one o..
text_tax 24.59€

Venum Cutting Edge T-shirt New
The Venum Cutting Edge features an outstanding print that honors the prodigious development of Venum..
text_tax 24.59€